Rox, Papers & The ScissorsExciting theatre; Rox, Paper and The Scissors

Want to change the world? You have one vote. Use it wisely.

Rox, Paper and The Scissors are going to the Fringe! Come and see us in Exeter and London this August 2019.

A fabulous, fun and sometimes silly show about Democracy for 9+ year olds.


It throws up all sorts of stuff. 

Come and see how we can bring PHSCE/British Values to life on stage and join us to watch three candidates – Rox, Paper and The Scissors – battle to become school president, only to find out the hard way that not all elections are fought fairly.

As head girl Paper is squashed between the might of autocratic school bully Rox and reckless class clown The Scissors, she must fight to restore her reputation from a false accusation of vandalism, and stop malign forces from seizing power of the school council.

Tour Dates for August 2019

Rox, Paper and The Scissors are going to the Fringe! Come and join us at:

The Exeter Fringe
At 2pm
Thursday 1st August
At The Barnfield Theatre, Exeter.


The Camden Fringe
At 1.30pm
Saturday 3rd August
At The Cockpit Theatre, London.

The show lasts for an hour and it’s fab! If you don’t believe us that democracy can be a giggle, then check out these testimonials:

“It was interesting that they made democracy seem really fun, as I thought it was boring.”

“I can’t improve it as it was very funny and perfect.”

“You wrote this play like William Shakespeare.”

Not only that, but we’re touring to schools in October.
Please email or call us for more information.

Teacher Support

Teachers’ resources will support the performance.

Online vote electoral forecasts: at the climax of the play, every member of the audience will be asked to vote in a secret ballot. Shadowing a real election, these votes will be counted as the tour progresses and electoral forecasts will be updated online until the final vote count is declared.

Facebook resource page: @GttDProductions brings British Values to life by connecting the concepts to current news stories.

Please email for more information.


Duration: approx 60 minutes.